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About Lee Sensei

T.K. Lee Sensei began his martial arts training in 1960. In 1964 Lee Sensei was the first person to greet the newly appointed New York Aikikai chief instructor Yamada Yoshimitsu Sensei at the Port Authority Bus Station in New York City. During his apprenticeship Lee Sensei was a direct student under Yamada Sensei for the next 18 years.

At its creation the NY Aikikai originally had about fifteen students. These students became the founding members of the NY Aikikai. Although T.K. Lee Sensei is not a founding member, he is listed as the 17th member of the original dojo.

Lee Sensei at NY Aikikai 1965 (approx.)

Lee Sensei at Aikido of Houston 2006

In 1979, T.K. Lee came to Texas and started Aikido of Houston where it has been at the same location on West Little York Road since 1981. Lee Sensei was appointed Shidoin, a teaching certification (literally "One who points the way"), by Yamada Sensei in 1983.

His teaching style emphasizes attention to detail in the Aikido Basics. He is proactive in teaching and corrects the students so that they will not make continuous errors when they are doing their Aikido techniques

Lee Sensei training with Yamada Sensei early 1960's

Yamada Sensei and Lee Sensei Jan 2006

Lee Sensei as a white belt 1961

Kisshomaru Ueshiba (2nd Doshu) with Lee Sensei 1966

Lee Sensei's Godan (5th Dan) Certificate 1987

Lee Sensei's Shidoin Certificate 1983

Senior Students:

  • Richard Gibbs, 4th Dan
  • Victor Mau, 3rd Dan
  • Dennis Bascon, 3rd Dan
  • Chris Walla, 2nd Dan
  • Michael Lum, 2nd Dan